Euroceppi origins have been started in the first decades of the Twentieth Century, exactly in the far 1922. Since a Century, Euroceppi is a landmark for the supply of professional kitchen, catering, hotel and food processing equipment. 

The whole range of the products, its quality and the customer service allowed Euroceppi to develop his activity also on the foreign market. Begun in 1975, the foreign market represents today about the 30% of Euroceppi production. Thanks to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) proprietary software support, Euroceppi efficiently responds to the Customers needs and requests. Integration of planning activity and high automation production processes satisfy Italian and foreign markets and they allow to answer efficiently to demand. 

Thanks to a continuous development of the productive processes but always remembering the tradition, Euroceppi is for the Italian and foreign market an esteemed brand.