For over 10 years, Escape Nomade has designed and manufactured structural luxury safari tents for privatehomes and resorts. We offer the opportunity to live cozy and comfortable, close to nature, with luxury and modern comfort even in remote areas. Today we are growing faster than ever, with tented villas and upscale boutique resort installations in 18 countries.

Our handmade tents are made in our own factory, guaranteeing the highest quality product. We use only the finest materials, chosen through in depth research and development to ensure a beautiful product that is resistant to harsh weather, mildew and UV exposure. We utilise select fabrics from Europe, zippers from Japan, and yarn from Germany.

We are also the worlds only interior designer specifically for tented spaces. All of our furniture, accessories and retail products are designed and manufactured in Bali, with an eye towards high quality and long lifespan.

In addition to resort accommodation and residences, our tents and interiors are used for spas, hotel
lobbies, restaurants, event spaces, clubhouses, swimming pool areas and more. Escape Nomade tents are multifunctional and flexible; spaces and uses can change over time, growing to meet expanding needs. Escape Nomade is first and foremost about providing an unmatched experience, and we are pleased to make that experiences available to guests around the world with our two newest ventures; the Tea Salon and Escape Nomade Resorts.


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