Almost 180 years of experience, skill and tradition has gone into the creation of this high-quality Nachtmann glassware. Representing the best of ‘Made in Germany’, it reflects our enduring commitment to the craft of making fine Bavarian crystal. Sparkling since 1834, we aim to bring a little luxury and brilliance to modern-day life. We provide luxury every day. Since Michael Nachtmann founded our company in 1834, we have steadily built our reputation as a specialist in crystal glassware. In 2004 we became the lifestyle brand of Riedel glassworks, a family owned business with a proud 260 – year heritage. Together, we are dedicated to passing the knowledge and traditions of glassmaking from one generation to the next. With a deep passion for design, everyone at Nachtmann is committed to maintaining and refining the craft of crystal glassware. 
Nachtmann has created the perfect series for Bars designed to cater to the needs and demands of mixologists, with each glass expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail and beverage, whether classic, inventive, or whimsical. Thanks to their specially cut decoration, the glasses have a unique refraction and brilliance, and show the composition of all drinks with their simplistic design. From the brilliant optics, to each glass’ durable weight, to the sound of the glasses in cheers, all senses are stimulated. 
Nachtmann is also specialized at producing crystal tableware and all kind of crystal decorative items. 
Nachtmann is extremely resistant to scratches and breakage, as well as 10 000 cycles dishwasher safe.


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