Based in Switzerland, Geneva Lab adds simplicity to sophisticated electronic products. Experts from a range of industries – including industrial design, fashion, and technology – hold our creations in high regard for their distinct balance of performance, simplicity, style, and sustainability.

Over a decade ago, we took the home audio market by storm. Geneva Sound Systems was the first high-end, two-speaker stereo systems to be built into single cabinets. Each system was made from high-quality materials and finished to an immaculate standard. Patented technologies enhanced the stereo field, which was a huge leap for the home listening experience at the time: industry insiders long said that high-quality stereo sound was unachieved in a single unit, but we proved it was possible. WIRED magazine crowned Geneva Sound Systems the « Steinway » of the audio world, with other systems merely toy pianos. It was a world first.

Legendary manufacturers have had since our pioneering approach, but none have matched the simplicity and sophistication of our method. Revered for their rich heritage, incredible sound and striking look, the Geneva Sound Systems of today grace leading fashion stores worldwide.

This passion for innovation, design and ease-of-use pushes our dedicated development forward every single day. DAB + / FM / Bluetooth speakers, we love to create products that are a joy to use, and that give lovers around the world incredible sound Quality without compromise.

Although the product looks very low-tech and has a simple user interface, it has the latest technology available. To place a 600W amplifier, a CD slot loader and two wide sub-woofers in a single wood cabinet is hugely challenging. Heat and vibration are major issues that had to be overcome. Geneva was one of the first companies using powerful digital amplifiers, as it was the only solution to the heat issues.


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