Best in Table

The essence of Best in Table is to create unique, unconventional products. Routine has a serious flaw: it tends to be very boring. The charm of a craft product is something different. Our work wants to transmit the human history hidden behind every detail, every little feature. We want to exalt the beauty of changing things, never similar to themselves, which give unique emotions as unique are all our creations.

We are aware of our values: innovation is the main aim of our work. We love experimenting, reforming and modernizing. That’s why we use raw materials and production processes that guarantee quality and superior performances for every single detail of our products.. This is the conjunction point with the made in Italy: the senseless craftsmanship that makes us different, unique. For that, we need to take decisive choises, such as the environmental protection. We live eco-sustainability not as a barrier to creativity, but as an opportunity that stimulates us to adopt unprecedented and valuable solutions.


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BIT Collection 2019