André Verdier

Established at the beginning of the XIXth century in Thiers – the French capital for cutlery from at least six centuries – our factory has perpetuated the know-how of master cutler craftsmen for more than 160 years. Thanks to a continuous human and technical commitment, we are able to create and innovate constantly, to produce customized items and to adapt ourselves for future needs.


Due to its expertise in different domains, André Verdier is proud to produce 100% made in France products. We’re one of the few companies left in France which continues to manufacture 100% of their catalogue in France. As a French company, it is not our wish but our obligation to work with local businesses in order to promote and support our economy as well as to reduce to the maximum our carbon footprint.


Since 1859, date of our first trademark registration, six generations of cutlers have worked hard to propose one of the most remarkable ranges of French cutlery: professional and household knives, kitchen utensils, flatware and pocket knives.


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André Verdier - Coutellerie