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     JVD is the first French manufacturer of hotel accessories and we have provided innovative solutions for more than 30 years. Started out as a hygiene solutions manufacturer in Nantes France.

JVD has a a rich heritage of touching consumers’ lives with trusted superior products. We aim to make life better by constantly developing good technology, new techniques, and materials to further enhance our products offering. Products and services that improve productivity and convenience, lower costs, protect customers’ assets, respecting our environment and satisfying our customers around the world.

JVD offers a wide range of unique hotel accessories that customise hotel rooms of every style and standing. Available worldwide, JVD Hotel products combine design, technology, safety and ease of use. JVD brings quality to a variety of hotel room essentials : mirrors, kettles, hairdryers, hotel safes, trays, alarmclocks, ironing amenities, minibars … 

Every product is designed to make sure that the hotel experience is comfortable and exclusive. 

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